Spirited Municipal races, but will voters turn out?

An annoyed citizen called Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony’s office several weeks ago and requested he take down his campaign signs, grousing that the election happened in November.

Anthony chuckled as he relayed the tale Tuesday night at a forum for City Council candidates. The call, he said, underscores a sad but true phenomenon: “Not a lot of people know we even have municipal elections coming up.”


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North Las Vegas envisions a bustling revival for downtown

Row houses and apartment buildings nestled between restaurants and shops could someday spring up along Lake Mead Boulevard, all within walking distance of a library, a museum and a transit station.

Planners envision a brighter downtown North Las Vegas bustling with activity, but acknowledge that it will take some time and work to get there.

Costs and a timeline aren’t yet determined, but the first signs of road improvements and green space could start springing up sometime next year, said Gina Gavin, director of economic and business development for the city.

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Revised job applications may offer Nevada ex-convicts shot at second chance

After serving 20 years in prison, Christopher Ellis said he’s proud to be fueling and washing vehicles for a para-transit company that serves disabled riders in the Las Vegas Valley.

The 40-year-old former gang member from Las Vegas got his job just two months after he was released, in part because Transdev removed a question in 2012 about criminal conviction history from the company’s job applications — a practice known as “banning the box.”

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Metro advises residents to be on high alert for squatters

Dark yellow bottles of an unidentified liquid and old ramen noodles sit next to empty beer bottles at a popular undisclosed squatter location in North Las Vegas. During a random visit, North Las Vegas Police Department Officer Scott Vaughn discovers a woman who has been squatting inside the small shack.

This encounter doesn’t surprise Vaughn, who has seen it all — narcotic operations, prostitute rings and people just trying to find shelter. The department is aware of the squatter situation and makes it a priority to visit popular squatter areas to keep people away.

“We’ve become a national leader on dealing with squatters,” said Ward 3 Councilwoman Anita Wood. “Once we figured how to handle this situation in a successful way, we found that everyone was willing to jump on board. Right now, it seems like we have a pretty good handle on the problem.”

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Deal lets North Las Vegas regain role as industrial park’s sole water distributor


Seven months after losing control, North Las Vegas is once again the exclusive water dealer for the Apex Industrial Park, under a deal unanimously approved Thursday by the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

Now, efforts are underway to make the agreement with the city permanent by reversing a state bill that named the water authority as the industrial park’s sole water provider.

The water authority also agreed Thursday to complete a $70 million infrastructure project that will someday deliver water to Apex, and hand over maintenance and operating duties to the North Las Vegas Utilities Department.

“We think this is a good way to go,” North Las Vegas City Councilwoman Anita Wood, who also sits on the water authority board, said just before the panel’s vote.

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Northwest housing development near Tule Springs finally sees renewal

Park Highlands in North Las Vegas has been through hell and back.

The development planned near the Eglington Preserve was once seen as a hopeful economic expansion before it went bankrupt twice during the recession. After almost a decade of recovery, the land was split among various buyers and is now in the midst of rebirth.

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